About Us

The Heritage Roses Group, formed in 1975, as a fellowship of those who care about Old Garden Roses, Species Roses, Old or Unusual Roses - particularly those roses introduced into commerce prior to the year 1867. Its purposes are to preserve, enjoy, and share knowledge about the Old Roses.

The Heritage Roses Group of the United States inspired the establishment of similar groups in Australia, England, New Zealand, and France.

In the USA, members are located across the country, in five different Regional Groups: SouthWest (includes all of California), NorthWest, SouthCentral, NorthCentral, NorthEast, and SouthEast -- with a Regional Coordinator for each area.

Activities And Programs

Heritage Roses Members receive a quarterly national newsletter, The Rose Letter, which is mailed in February, May, August, and November. This periodical offers articles written by members and others on a wide variety of rose-related subjects. Subjects covered regularly include book reviews, growing tips, plant exchanges, and a calendar of events. View samples of some of The Rose Letter here.

Where sufficient members exist, local HRG chapters have been formed. These chapters work together to educate members and the public, to share information and research, and to promote, and participate in, a range of preservation efforts. Some of these "sub-groups" also publish newsletters. Frequency of chapter meetings vary from area to area and group to group. Gatherings may include slide lectures, plant sales, and swaps and raffles, and visits to significant rose sites.